Monday, July 11, 2005

Will I ever come back?

Who knows? After the tragic election of 2004, many of us progressives who had been so focused on the election experienced a heightened interest in reforming the system and other topics which cause our political focus to sharpen. Then as time passed and not only did American politics NOT change for the better, they drastically changed for the worse.

I never made this blog to convince people of anything and I'm convinced that nobody is reading it. This is more for myself to record what was on my mind at particular moments in time, essentially for the sake of posterity with myself being the only recipient. That's good enough for me.

Will I ever come back and blog regularly again? I still don't know. I've always wished that I had kept a journal my whole life because I have forgotten so much about my life. A talk with my ex-wife invariably leads to something relatively important that I had forgotten.