Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Despite slashing domestic programs, Bush wants $400 million to reward allies

Yahoo! News - Bush Seeks $400 Million to Reward Allies

It says " One administration official said the fund was designed to provide help to Eastern European nations, such as Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and the Baltic states." Doesn't the administration think that there may be at least one or two nations which did NOT participate in the Iraq war which may need help? This fits perfectly into this administration's pattern of using unrelated and misleading reasoning to justify something that they want to do. Granted, this isn't as big of a lie as, say, the allegation that Iraq was seeking yellow cake uranium from somewhere in Africa, but it's a perfect illustration. Bush wants to give money to these countries to reward them for their participation and also to bribe them into sticking it out, yet he needs some pretty sound bytes to lull the American people into supporting it, or at least not thinking about it critically.

Well, at least Bush isn't forgetting Poland (and how could he forget the powerhouse that's been so key to our "success" in Iraq?); they would receive $100 million from the fund.

I don't mind giving money to other countries; I believe doing so has at least the capacity to not only make the world a better place (depending on who receives the money and how it is used, of course), but also to improve the overall infrastructure in places where America may have a particular interest, thereby helping us out in the long run. What I do not support is to sell an idea, ANY idea, to the American people based on false pretenses. It is wrong when GW does it, wrong when Clinton did it, when Bush I did it, when Reagan did it, and when Lincoln and Washington did it. A democracy can only avoid corruption when its people are fullyand properly informed about all pertinent issues. Again, I don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill here because this is relatively small news, and most certainly business as usual, but that's part of the problem: that we see business as usual and just look away. Yes, it happens every day! Yes, "they all do it"! Yes, our system is corrupt. No!!! Why don't we do something about it?


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