Monday, February 07, 2005 - Roemer withdraws from "DNC chair" race - Feb 7, 2005 - Roemer withdraws from "DNC" chair race - Feb 7, 2005

During the 2004 primaries, I did quite a bit of study on Howard Dean and although it's impossible to accurately gauge someone's sencerity, it seemed to me that he was fairly uncorrupted relative to the usual presidential candidates. Now, he could have just been talking big, trying to focus on a few progressive rallying points and hope that he and his campaign would be able to make them make sense to the average American voter; but I suspect that he truly does believe the way that he claims, primarily because in this ultra-conservative climate it's basically political suicide to stand up for the average American. We liberals are always being blasted with terms like communist and socialist for simply standing up for the little guy.

For the longest time I have distrusted both Republicans and Democrats, and for good reason if I do say so myself. Both parties look out for big-money and, social issues aside, are both on the conservative side of most economic issues. I supported Senator John Kerry in the 2004 election because to me he was the lesser of two evils. In fact I have always voted Democrat because they do far less damage to America and Americans than Republicans do. That being said, I've always voted for Democrats without truly being excited about the candidate; let's be honest: Clinton did about as much damage to the working classes and the environment as you can do and still show up at liberal fund-raisers. No, to me the choice to vote for Democrats has been bittersweet. I would love to support a liberal 3rd-party candidate, that is the same thing as half a vote for a Republican.

But, maybe help really IS on the way after all! Howard Dean may be just the shot in the arm that the Democrats need; he may try to make them remember just who it is they are supposed to be representing: you and me. I'm not saying that he's going to stroll into the DNC chairmanship and immediately all Democrats will start working toward establishing an international minimum wage or anything as dramatic as that. But he certainly seems to me to be a step in the right direction.

I was saddened when the supposedly "liberal" media turned on him (because he was speaking way too much like a liberal), but now that he's (apparently) back, I wish him all the luck in the world. I also want to wish the Democrats all the luck in the world in remembering the values for which they are supposed to be fighting.


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